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aya ceeki!

The place of the Miami (myaamionki) is more than just the land on which we live, it is up, down and all around. Based on three years of workshops, camps, field trips, and lectures supported by the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and NASA, this curriculum explores the Earth and Sky from a Myaamia perspective.

Designed to engage the entire family, the curriculum contains:
• Illustrated stories that can be read to our youngest learners
• Activities for school-aged children that explore the earth and sky. Go for walks, follow the motions of the sun and moon, collect rocks, and learn how the land around you changes through the year.
• Teens and adults can explore important places that have both a myaamia and geologic connection. Learn how Seven Pillars, tar springs in Kansas, and rock outcrops in Oklahoma all record this history of our place and people.
The entire curriculum is supported by an interactive website that contains sound clips of myaamia words and phrases and links to an interactive map so you can visit sites in myaamionki.